Through the Mystery Gate: A Daoist Alchemy Self-Discovery Journey




What if…

…you enter the Mystery Gate of Daoist Alchemy and discover how to remove the obstacles in your way, embrace the magic of all that is, and learn to fly in your life?

What if there’s no need to wait lifetimes to achieve the spiritual transformation you’re seeking? What if the ancient Daoist Alchemists left a clear roadmap you can start to follow today?

We’ve all experienced what it feels like to be a rudderless boat at sea, being tossed this way and that, trying to get more good stuff in life while desperately avoiding all the bad stuff. What an exhausting way to live! Without clear guidance on how to cultivate authenticity and self-awareness, we can end up being blown here and there at random by the winds of change. We’ve all been there and done that.

But what if?

What if life doesn’t have to be this way? Whether your dream is to live without suffering, to overcome creative blocks, to love unconditionally, to achieve your fullest potential, or to reach true enlightenment, Through the Mystery Gate offers a step-by-step blueprint guide. It’s for everyone who has ever secretly wondered HOW on earth can I do this?

The answer is: Modern Day Alchemy.

This book emerged from the work of Alchemical Healer, Leta Herman, and Alchemical Life Strategist, Jaye McElroy, founders of the Alchemy Healing Center and co-hosts of the Inspired Action Podcast, who have been facilitating Alchemical transformations for over 20 years.

The practice of Alchemy is a personal journey through spiritual transformation. Based on the oral teachings of Master Jeffrey Yuen, an 88th generation Daoist priest, the Nine Stages of Alchemy outline the steps of self-cultivation and development that are necessary to achieve freedom and live a Wu Wei life. Wu Wei living is inspired and spontaneous action driven by a deep connection with universal energy, so that your whole life becomes an instrument of the Divine.

The Alchemy process begins with asking what you really want in life and embracing ease in receiving it. From this place of ease, you can finally let go of the baggage of this lifetime and previous lifetimes, so that you can return to a child-like state, as the great philosophers Laozi and Zuangzi once did. Like them, you can become a wise and fully-realized person, or a wizard in your own life. You can take off and metaphorically fly in whatever direction you want your life to go. The ancient Alchemists who lived in the mountains of China were even purported to levitate or fly among the trees on the mountaintop.

Through the Mystery Gate takes you beyond enigmatic Chinese Medicine concepts and dives into what it means to become a Modern Alchemist and why you might want to be one. You’ll find step-by-step explanations, exercises, and meditations to take you through every turn on the path to personal transformation.

If you feel that living more authentically with a clearer direction in your life will help you achieve the level of happiness you truly desire, or if you simply can’t find your direction or the wind to lift your wings off the runway of life, this is the book for you.