BornLogowithAddresswithnewyinyang-400Born Perfect is a group/network of like-minded people with the desire to empower, inform, and motivate people toward the path of living authentically. Living an authentic and true-to-self life from the understandings of the ancient Chinese Five Elements and the secrets of Internal Alchemy. Born Perfect Ink is about making things happen. Five Elements, Alchemy, Coaching and Publishing.

Born Perfect Ink has recently published Connecting Your Circle and The Big “Little” Gua Sha Book, both by Leta Herman and Jaye McElroy. Our most recent book: Healing Anxiety: The Tibetan Medicine Guide for Healing Anxiety, Stress and PTSD was written by Dr. Mary Ryan.

About the Founders

Leta Herman and Jaye McElroy decided to start writing books together in 2012. It’s been a wild ride, and they’ve learned a lot about the publishing world. Together they bring together Jaye’s amazing marketing, advertising, design, and biz dev background combined with Leta’s technical wizardry and ability to translate complex topics into easy to use writing. They had so much fun putting together their own books that they decided to help others do the same. Born Perfect is dedicated to bringing important information to the public through beautifully designed and written books, on-line workshops, and more.