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Born Perfect Ink is about making things happen. We make books happen… books that can change people’s lives. We believe that ancient wisdom that has been around for centuries is still useful for modern times like these, in fact, it’s essential. Our goal is to write and publish books that bring ancient wisdom to modern times in a way that is accessible and usable.

If you are the keeper of some ancient wisdom, we want to empower you to bring that into the world so that we can inform and motivate people toward the path of living authentically. Living an authentic and true-to-self life is our ultimate goal.

Think you have a great idea? Talk to us! We’d love to know more.

What does publishing your book with us entail? Here are the steps involved:


The first step is to meet with co-founder Jaye McElroy to identify your goals, discuss your ideas, and help you decide whether your book idea is geared to the “write” audience (pun intended). This meeting is more than just a book meeting. This is a branding meeting for your name as an author and where you want to be in five to ten years.

Book Proposal Submission

Before we begin, we need you to put some concrete ideas down on paper. These ideas can come out of the positioning meeting.

Manuscript Submission

If you haven’t completed the manuscript, you should submit at least the first three chapters with your book proposal. Once you complete your manuscript, we need to read it before we come to a final agreement about whether your book fits into the Born Perfect Ink group.

Design and Editing

The next step is the most important. Our books are beautiful and professional. We will spend quite a bit of time going over everything you’ve written, editing where necessary, while keeping the original intent of your words. We also question and fact check everything to ensure that your book is as accurate as possible. We will help you develop photos and images for the book. Many of these decisions are discussed in the initial positioning phase.


Born Perfect Ink has the option of publishing your book in various formats, including hard copy and full color.


Our marketing campaigns are highly effective with the goal of getting #1 in your Amazon categories.

Think you have a great idea? Talk to us! We’d love to know more.